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If you have any question about the products we sale, shipping services issues or our terms and condition of operation send us a massage or call the customer support center. We will response to your massage or call almost immediately as we deal in a single product making it easy and fast to look at our records.

We also offer live support but we do limit it to new clients enquiring about products and services. We limit our support for those asking questions about their order to email.

This is so because we want to keep track of all clients issue so that we don’t have to worry about missing information as we have everything recorded. Not withstanding we do accept Voicemail as well as it gives track of the clients communication.


We do our best to reply to all emails withing 1 to 2 hours. IF you are yet to receive a response from our team after the said time frame ( 1 to 2 hours ). Make sure your ISP or Email client service is not blocking the massages. If you find yourself in this position try massaging us from another Email of yours which you have 24/7 access to it to avoid issues of communication breakdown.

A special point to note for those who use the following Email services.,,,, e-mails! We may have communication breakdown because of the following reasons. You might have blocked us our email is in the junk mail or found in the spam folder.

This means your email provider is is blocking your correspondent ( us ) mostly due to issues of complaint or abuse or at times the clients email comes automatically with those settings on. This kind of situation can lead to communication breakdown which will affect our response time in providing answers to the client on questions or worries.

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